Leaving a lighter footprint behind.

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Committed to Our Environment & Communities

Integrity Tours is committed to creating environmentally and socially responsible tours – where we can, whenever we can. 

By instituting eco-friendly components to each of our tours, we are leaving a lighter footprint behind and providing a positive impact on the destinations and communities we visit. 

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Our Eco & Community Conscious Practices

Here are just a few examples of how we apply eco-friendly components to our custom tours.

Reusable Water Bottles

We offer and encourage the use of reusable water bottles, eliminating all that waste from single-use plastic bottles.

Like-minded Partners

Whenever possible, we partner with hotels (i.e., Marriott, Hilton) and eateries that have eco-friendly and environmentally conscious programs in place, such as optional linen services, donating leftover toiletries and food to charities, low-flow toilets and shower heads, and recycle options whenever possible.

Bus Use Options

Bus companies are a key component to a group tour. Upon request, IT creates options to use less bus time at certain points during your trip. Less bus time means less greenhouse gas emissions, providing yet another positive impact on our environment. It can also help bring the price of the tour down.

Service Opportunities

By including a Service and Learning component to your tour, or volunteering in the local community at your destination, your group can have more of a direct impact on a community or cause in need, as well as build character. It’s a great way for students to learn hands-on, give back to a good cause, and go home with a feeling of accomplishment.

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